Information that the Council must publish

The Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities was issued in December 2014 and makes it mandatory for councils with an annual turnover of less than £25,000 to publish certain information which can be accessed via this link,

The financial year 2017-18 was the first year that the Town Council had elected to be a smaller authority, exempt from external review of its accounts and obliged to publish this information on its website.

Information that must be published:

 1 All statements of expenditure over £100 (See below)

 2 End of Year Accounts

 3 List of Councillors (See page 3)

 4 Details of public land and building assets (See below)

 5 Minutes, agendas and Papers of formal meetings (see page 4) These are also posted on the two notice boards in the town, one outside the Key Centre and the other in the main square.

 6 The Annual Return (see page 4)

NB.This web page contains a high-level summary of the information that we are obliged to publish.  A detailed statement of how the Town Council complies with its obligations under the Transparency Directive is available in the document available from the link below entitled 'Council Transparency Document'

Council Transparency Document- 2018.pdf Council Transparency Document- 2018.pdf
Size : 214.784 Kb
Type : pdf
2017.18 expenditure over £100.pdf 2017.18 expenditure over £100.pdf
Size : 401.34 Kb
Type : pdf
Annual Return June 2018.pdf Annual Return June 2018.pdf
Size : 949.922 Kb
Type : pdf
Annual Return 2017.pdf Annual Return 2017.pdf
Size : 363.525 Kb
Type : pdf
Annual Return 2016.pdf Annual Return 2016.pdf
Size : 2984.244 Kb
Type : pdf
Dates for exercise of public rights.pdf Dates for exercise of public rights.pdf
Size : 249.344 Kb
Type : pdf
What MTC does 2018.pdf What MTC does 2018.pdf
Size : 218.177 Kb
Type : pdf
Middleham Charitable Trust 2018.pdf Middleham Charitable Trust 2018.pdf
Size : 255.034 Kb
Type : pdf
Middleham & Conservation Area 2018.pdf Middleham & Conservation Area 2018.pdf
Size : 95.912 Kb
Type : pdf
Visiting and Living in Middleham 2018.pdf Visiting and Living in Middleham 2018.pdf
Size : 241.202 Kb
Type : pdf
Land Holdings.pdf Land Holdings.pdf
Size : 230.585 Kb
Type : pdf

General Data Protection

MCT Privacy Notice 2018.pdf MCT Privacy Notice 2018.pdf
Size : 152.08 Kb
Type : pdf
84653-Freedom of Information Scheme.pdf 84653-Freedom of Information Scheme.pdf
Size : 325.591 Kb
Type : pdf